The brand

Orianne Collins has inherited her passion for discoveries along with her mixed Swiss and Thai origins. Her many travels around the world have left the mark of different cultures and know-how. Each journey is a source of inspiration, rich in symbols, colors and eclectic elements, which she turns into jewels in her collections.

It all started with the vision of the designer in 2007 as she shifted her focus into designing her own brand.

Orianne Collins has chosen jewelry as the main medium to express her creativity because “it is the most universal form in which inspiration materializes.”

Observant and reactive, Orianne draws on her dreams and experiences to nourish her passion, finding inspiration at all times – with her family, through business experiences, while training, and during her travels. Each piece she designs displays her modern sensibility and timeless elegance.

All the OC jewelry can be customized to uniquely suit the individual who will wear it. The OC Collections are currently available online and at a few select luxury boutiques including the flagship location in Miami’s Design District.